Machine Safety plays a key role in every factory environment. KEYENCE offers a variety of safety products that can safeguard any machine.


GL-R series - Safety Light Curtain

This series is durable and simple. High power, recessed lens, and an extruded aluminum frame eliminate nuisance trips and offer sustained protection. Easy integration with full length indicators, built-in alignment, and multiple wiring options.

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GS series - Safety Interlock Switches

Safety interlock switches are safety devices used for checking whether movable guards such as doors, fences, and covers are opened or closed. KEYENCE’s GS Series Safety Interlock Switches are available in locking type—either power-to-release (GS-50) or power-to-lock (GS-70) models—and non-contact type (GS-10). Both types feature a slim-yet-rugged design with an enclosure rating that ensures usability, even when exposed to water or oil (IP65/67/69K). The GS Series not only offers superior safety but also the usability and reliability required for manufacturing facilities without hindering productivity.

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SZ-V series - Safety Laser Scanner

This series has impressive range (27.5'), is easy to integrate, and has multiple innovative features. It is the world’s first safety scanner with integrated cameras and detachable display for remote access. Other advancements include improved environmental resistance, network capability, and quickly customized zones.

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GC series - Safety Controller

The GC Series consolidates any and all safety controls into one simple device. Any safety device can connect to this series and the new GC-Link can be used to eliminate wiring entirely. The GC can be expanded to 212 inputs and has an optional built-in relay output.

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GL-S series - Safety Light Curtain

This series has an ultra-thin housing with multiple wiring options and highly visible indicators. Ideal for tight spaces and easy to integrate.

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SZ series - Safety Laser Scanner

This series is compact with a 13.77' range. The easy to use software makes it simple to protect straightforward or complex areas.

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SL-V series - Safety Light Curtain

This series offers guarded and slim models with an optional safety relay.

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SC series - Safety Controller

The SC Series is a safety controller commonly used to monitor E-Stop circuits or other safety inputs.

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