Data Acquisition

This system measures temperature, voltage, current, strain, acceleration, rotation, pressure, CAN, and more. It is also known as a DAQ.


NR-X series - Multi-input Data Logger

The NR-X Series covers all the functions required of data loggers, including easy operation and compatibility with a variety of measurement applications. As the smallest and lightest data logger in its class, this palm-sized device can be used with 8 types of measurement units and can perform multi-channel measurement using up to 576 channels. The reduced-wiring system significantly reduces the effort required for wiring—the most time-consuming aspect of measurement preparation with conventional models. This ensures usability without having to worry about excessive wiring work, incorrect wiring, and restoration in the event of disconnected wiring. A help function with support for setup and easy-to-understand icons are included to make operation easy even for first-time users. Moreover, AC, DC, or battery power supply units are also available, with the high-capacity lithium-ion battery capable of up to 800 minutes of data collection. The wireless LAN unit also makes measurement possible from anywhere.

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